How To

How to Select Your Receipt Printer as Default for Your Computer

Go to devices and printers under your “start menu”.

  1. Right click on the receipt printer you are using for the computer.
  2. Select “Set as default printer”.
  3. Open your IA POS Settings under your “I want to” option on your POS home screen.
  4. Select “Receipt Print” and make sure the default printer is set to the receipt printer.

Pointers for InstantAccept Online

Even though you have all rights to continue working and creating within your Quickbooks file, InstantAccept also has the ability to accept new and edited information such as:

  • Customer Name / Details
  • Items
  • Sales Tax

You have the choice to work solely within InstantAccept Online or between Quickbooks and InstantAccept.  All information included within InstantAccept Online communicates directly back to your company file.

Online Quickbooks / InstantAccept

When working within your Online Quickbooks program the only difference you have is receiving payments.  You can perform all your tasks within Online Quickbooks and just receive payments through InstantAccept.  Once the payment is received, InstantAccept communicates immediately back showing the invoice has been paid.

You also have the option to email invoices to customers allowing them to make independent payments.  Once this payment has been made, you go back to InstantAccept Online and process a gateway sync.  This allows the payment to be pulled into your Quickbooks company file showing a closed invoice.

Oh no, InstantAccept isn’t popping up when I try to receive payment!!!!! (for InstantAccept Desktop: QB Pro, Premiere and Enterprise)

No worries we can fix this. Sometimes QuickBooks is still running in the back ground and we just need to end the process.

  1. Right Click on the task bar on your computer


  1. Click start task manager and a box will pop up on your screen.

  1. Under processes locate QB32.exe, highlight the row and then press end task. (QB32.exe may look different from the one on this screen.)

**When you notice that InstantAccept isn’t popping up make sure you have closed out of QuickBooks before starting the above steps. If QB32.exe isn’t in the task manager then you may need to call customer service.

How to Void/Refund in Instant Accept for Quickbook Financials

  1. Completely close out of your Quickbooks then open your Instant Accept desktop application (IA icon located on your computer’s desktop).
  2. Once you are logged in (using your IA credentials), select Voids/Refunds.

  1. Select date range, customer name, and/or last 4 digits of the card number.


  1. Choose to either refund or void the transaction. If you choose to refund then you will be prompted to create a credit memo for this transaction for your Quickbooks record.


  1. Fill out the credit memo page with the information for that transaction and select Your refund is complete.