Fun Facts!

Pointers for InstantAccept Online

Even though you have all rights to continue working and creating within your Quickbooks file, InstantAccept also has the ability to accept new and edited information such as:

  • Customer Name / Details
  • Items
  • Sales Tax

You have the choice to work solely within InstantAccept Online or between Quickbooks and InstantAccept.  All information included within InstantAccept Online communicates directly back to your company file.

Good to know fact about Online Quickbooks

When logging into your InstantAccept Online account you should always be able to see all open invoices.  If this is not the case and the information is missing or blank, please follow the steps below for a fix:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Add-Ons
  3. Click “Connect to Quickbooks”
  4. Log into your online Quickbooks account
  5. Choose Company file
  6. Click Authorize

Once process is complete, your invoices and other company information should re-appear.

Did you know? InstantAccept Desktop

This is for Pro, Premiere & Enterprise users

This is sometimes a common misstep when processing within this version of InstantAccept.  When you’re done entering the card holders information (screen below) some merchants think they should click “process”, but if you notice, “process” is faded out in gray.   This is actually the “save” screen:

After you click “save”, you will then be prompted to the process screen.




Did you know? InstantAccept POS

This is for POS users:

Did you know that InstantAccept receives payments for Work, Sales & Layaway Orders?  You can continue creating the orders as usual.  The only difference is when you’re ready to collect the installments.  Please see the steps below:

Go to home page

Click I want to

Click which order you’re receiving money for

Filter the dates or enter the customer name

Press go

Select your customer

Select take deposit

Enter the amount you are receiving

Click OK

InstantAccept payment box will pop up

You can now enter the payment info

Click process

Click print

Fun Fact!

This is for Pro, Premiere & Enterprise Quickbooks users:

If you miss the chance to print your transaction receipt within your Quickbooks integration then you have another option, no worries!  Exit out completely from your Quickbooks program and access the desktop version of InstantAccept.

Once open, you will see the dashboard.  Please click the “Transactions” icon.  This will allow you to see all payments processed within InstantAccept.  Filter in the dates then choose your desired transaction and to the far right, click print or email.