How to Process a Void or Refund inside of InstantAccept Point of Sale

Part A: Voiding a Transaction

  • Go in to your ‘Sales History’.
  • Search by customer name or receipt number.
  • Select the receipt you would like to void.
  • Select ‘Reverse’.


Part B: Issuing a Refund

Option 1:                                                                           

  • Go in to your ‘Sales History’
  • Search by Customer Name or number given on the receipt.
  • Select Receipt.
  • Click ‘Accept Return’.
  • Select the item(s) you would like to return.
  • Add selected items.
  • Select the card. (This must be the same card used to process the transaction)
  • Click ‘Process’
  • Click ‘Close’
  • Click ‘Save Only’ or ‘Save and Print’

Option 2:  To utilize this option you will need to call the InstantAccept support team and have them set you up for credits on the back end.

  • Click ‘Make a Sale’
  • Choose the items that your customer would like to return. Make sure to choose the return button as shown below.
  • Click Credit and choose your card type.
  • Click ‘Swipe’ if you would like to swipe the card; otherwise, key in the credit card information.
  • Click ‘Process’
  • Click ‘Print’ for a receipt or ‘Close’ to exit the payment window
  • Click ‘Save Only’ or ‘Save & Print’.