May 2015

How to Void/Refund in Instant Accept for Quickbook Financials

  1. Completely close out of your Quickbooks then open your Instant Accept desktop application (IA icon located on your computer’s desktop).
  2. Once you are logged in (using your IA credentials), select Voids/Refunds.

  1. Select date range, customer name, and/or last 4 digits of the card number.


  1. Choose to either refund or void the transaction. If you choose to refund then you will be prompted to create a credit memo for this transaction for your Quickbooks record.


  1. Fill out the credit memo page with the information for that transaction and select Your refund is complete.

How to edit your signature line receipt for InstantAccept POS

  • Go to your POS home screen then select I Want to<IA POS Settings<Receipt Print
  • If you have a logo you would like to upload, simply click on the “Logo” box and upload your png formatted picture.
  • Enter your Merchant Info (Business name/Address/Phone/Website etc.) in the space provided.

  • (Optional) If you would like to resize/restructure your signature line receipt then select “Receipt Print Editor”.

  • From here you can move/resize whatever field you like. Once finished press Save.

Did you know? InstantAccept Desktop

This is for Pro, Premiere & Enterprise users

This is sometimes a common misstep when processing within this version of InstantAccept.  When you’re done entering the card holders information (screen below) some merchants think they should click “process”, but if you notice, “process” is faded out in gray.   This is actually the “save” screen:

After you click “save”, you will then be prompted to the process screen.




Did you know? InstantAccept POS

This is for POS users:

Did you know that InstantAccept receives payments for Work, Sales & Layaway Orders?  You can continue creating the orders as usual.  The only difference is when you’re ready to collect the installments.  Please see the steps below:

Go to home page

Click I want to

Click which order you’re receiving money for

Filter the dates or enter the customer name

Press go

Select your customer

Select take deposit

Enter the amount you are receiving

Click OK

InstantAccept payment box will pop up

You can now enter the payment info

Click process

Click print