Installation and Training of InstantAccept

InstantAccept is an all in one solution that makes the transition period for a business easy.  We provide the installations of InstantAccept while remotely accessing your computer to allow you to sit back and relax while we run the show.  If you have multiple computers that need installation please let your technician know and they will need to access each computer individually for installation.  After the installation is complete, the InstantAccept technicians walk you through all of the features and functionality of InstantAccept.  You will also be provided with user’s guides and support information if you need any additional follow up training or schedule another day and time for training of your staff.

InstantAccept Online Overview

QuickBooks Online “You can support that?”

InstantAccept has a unique integration to QuickBooks Online in a sense that it does not work like the other version of InstantAccept.  Since QuickBooks Online is a web-based Saas we are not able to imbed InstantAccept in to their website.  So what we have done is taken the idea of a separate POS piece that syncs automatically and in real time back to your QuickBooks Online.  When working within InstantAccept Online you are able to process credit card or ACH payments against existing QuickBooks Online Invoices, create new invoices, and email individual invoices or batch email all invoices at once.  Not only is InstantAccept Online easy to work in but it also gives you the ability to have your employees work outside of your QuickBooks to keep all of your sensitive data safe.

Invoices Screen

Payments Screen


What versions of QuickBooks Online are supported by InstantAccept?

There is only one version of QuickBooks Online out there and we support it.

Other System requirements for running InstantAccept:


-Internet connection required (high-speed connection recommended)

-Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10

InstantAccept Financial Overview

InstantAccept Financial “You can use it inside QuickBooks and outside of QuickBooks?”

When using InstantAccept Financial you are able to use it in more than one way.  When working within your QuickBooks Financial you are still able to take payments with in through your customer payment screen or through the sales receipt screen but this is not the only way to use InstantAccept.  You can also use InstantAccept outside of your QuickBooks Financial software as a desktop POS for your employees to work within.  The company file data sync back and forth in real time so that all of the information is current and updated whether you are accessing your company file through QuickBooks or InstantAccept.  When working within the desktop POS you can take all forms of payments on an invoice or a sales receipt, process batch payments on multiple invoices, create new sales receipts, create new invoices, add or edit customers, email invoices out with a paylink for your customers and much much more.  The desktop POS allows you to keep your sensitive QuickBooks data private while letting your employees access the information that is needed and updates your QuickBooks simultaneously to save you the time and hassle of re-keying.

Working Inside of QuickBooks

Working outside of QuickBooks in the InstantAccept Desktop POS

What versions of QuickBooks Financial are supported by InstantAccept?

There are many different versions of QuickBooks Financial and you can see below the versions that InstantAccept currently supports:

  • QuickBooks Financial (Pro, Premiere and Enterprise) 2010 to current.


Other System requirements for running InstantAccept:

  • 2.0 GHz processor; 2.4 GHz recommended
  • 1 GB RAM for single user, 2 GB RAM recommended for multiple users
  • 4x CD-ROM drive required for CD installations
  • Display optimized for 1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher with up to 1 Extended monitor
  • All online services and subscription based features (such as Advanced Inventory) require Internet access.
  • Windows:
    • U.S. version of only
    • Regional Settings are supported when set to English (United States) with keyboard setting to U.S. only
    • Administrator Rights required for the server computer when hosting Multi User Access

Interested in Learning More?

Please feel free to contact us for a free live demo with one of our InstantAccept experts!

InstantAccept Point of Sale Overview

InstantAccept Point of Sale “How does it work?”

The question I hear most often when talking about InstantAccept Point of Sale is “How does it work?” in this blog post I will go through how InstantAccept can work for you and your business. First, a little about InstantAccept Point of sale. InstantAccept Point of Sale is a seamlessly integrated solution that works right within your QuickBooks Point of Sale. You have the ability to take transactions from the Sales Receipt screen that your employees are already use to.



Not only can you process transactions but InstantAccept allows you to process voids and refunds, save customer payment information in a PCI compliant vault, allows you to create a personalized receipt, supports all versions of customer orders, and adds additional reporting. InstantAccept supports both credit card and ACH transactions and since we are currently integrated with most major banks and processors you get the freedom to choose who you would like to run your business with.


What versions of QuickBooks Point of Sale are supported by InstantAccept?

There are many different versions of QuickBooks Point of sale and you can see below the versions that InstantAccept currently supports:

  • -QuickBooks Point of sale are v10 and v11 Pro and Basic.

Other system requirements for running InstantAccept:

  • At least 2 GB of RAM for a single workstation installation
  • 1 GB of disk space (additional space required for data files)
  • Single user: 1.6 GHz processor (2.0 GHz recommended). Multiple users: 2.0 GHz processor (2.8 GHz recommended)
  • Optimized for 1024×768 screen resolution
  • Operating Systems (North American versions of Windows only):
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008 (SP1 or later strongly recommended)
  • Windows Vista, all editions (SP2 or later strongly recommended)
  • Windows Server 2003


Interested in Learning More?

Please feel free to contact us for a free live demo with one of our InstantAccept experts!

Introducing InstantAccept

Greetings! Since you are here reading this blog post, then you should have some inkling of what InstantAccept is.

That’s good! If not, then not a problem because today I’m going to introduce InstantAccept and present an overview of it so all you current and would-be QuickBooks users have a better idea of our awesome product.

So what is InstantAccept? For starters, it’s a seamless QuickBooks integration designed to allow merchants to accept payments smoothly and securely. It grants them the freedom to choose their processor and use their own merchant account instead of going through Intuit.

For Desktop, it transform the PC into a Point of Sales terminal that cuts in half the number of steps needed to accept a payment, and immediately records and marks the transaction as paid within QuickBooks once payment is received.

InstantAccept is powered by our robust gateway and is capable of voids, refunds and recurring billing. For customers who need receipts, it boasts the ability to print receipts as well as e-mailing them to customers. It also offers an e-mail invoice feature that enables the customers to pay for the invoice through a secure online portal.

Clients can choose to use InstantAccept with QuickBooks open or as a stand-alone program. Invoice creation, customer vault and payment processing are available within the stand-alone program and are recorded to QuickBooks without it needing to be open.

This offers the security to utilize it as a front end Point of Sales without the fear that employees are able to access sensitive data like payroll or customer information that is protected within QuickBooks.

And of course, InstantAccept is PCI compliant so no worries there!